Prof. Debora Karetová, MD, PhD (CZ)

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Debora Karetova, MD, Associated Professor of Medicine at Charles University in Prague, is the consultant at Department of Cardiovascular Medicine of the First Faculty of Medicine and General University Hospital. She is involved in non-invasive angiology and cardiology diagnostic procedures. Her research topics are endothelial dysfunction, Fabry disease, epidemiology and pharmacotherapy of peripheral arterial disease, and diagnostics and treatment of thrombembolic disease. Dr. Karetova was elected a member of the praesidium of the Czech Medical Association, she is a member of a board of the Czech Angiology Society (research secretary). She is a member of the Guidelines Committee that wrote the Czech Guidelines for the Diagnostics and Treatment of Peripheral Arterial Disease and Guidelines for Venous Thrombembolism. Dr Karetova serves as the chief investigator of a broad range of observational studies related to the prevention, treatment, and epidemiology of venous thromboembolism and peripheral arterial disease. She has been the principal investigator for peripheral arterial treatment trials, in some of them in the role of national coordinator. She has a busy practice of general angiology. Dr. Karetova is participating also in pre- and postgraduate education in internal medicine and angiology, she has been the principal author of 2 textbooks of angiology and contributed to many other educational texts.